Training a Caliopy Ranch Golden Retriever Puppy

Training a Caliopy Ranch Puppy
 “Sit” “High Five” “Down” and “Roll Over”


Training at Caliopy Ranch starts at birth inside our home, where the puppies live happily until they head off to the next part of their journey in life.  Sampling of training goals depending on age of the pup: Walk on leash, sit, high five, down, roll over, wait for command to eat, wait for command to  exit front door; not be afraid of loud noises, socialized with adults, children, and other pets,  self-entertaining, performs commands to voice or hand signals; comes to you when given “come” command or by hand clap. Good example of training: Teaching  your dog to sit and wait for you to give the okay to begin eating is one of the most important things you can teach your dog.

Exercising your dog is important and a must to keep him balanced and happy. When you first bring home your puppy, take him (or her) for short, gentle, brief walks on a leash.  At first, a five minute walk once or twice a day is great for both you and your puppy dog. As your puppy gets older spend more time on the walk, even if it is just in your yard.  A dog who is active with you will be less likely to become bored and destructive. Your puppy dog also needs to run and play off leash, for short periods, without being prompted. (Please no ball chasing or stick throwing).
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