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Caliopy Ranch
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Members in good standing with the AKC (American Kennel Club),  Golden Retriever Club of America, Inc (GRCA); and K9DATA.COM

My first Golden Retriever, a beautiful red American Golden, came into my life in 1986. I fell in love immediately with the breed and cannot imagine life without one of these amazing, beautiful Goldens. Being so passionate about them, I was excited to read about and learn everything I could find about golden retrievers. In fact, I learn something new about them nearly every day. We are a dedicated breeder, who have worked hard to ensure the best possible future for our puppies, excited about what they may accomplish.
We are a small family breeder, who raise our puppies inside our home until old enough to explore the great outdoors. We specialize in quality Golden Retrievers and carefully choose our foundation Golden’s from top breeders and kennels located around the world, whose genetics and bloodlines are proven producers of quality, healthy, sound, gorgeous Golden Retrievers.
It is our goal to better the breed. The pedigrees of our Golden Retriever pups are among the best you will find anywhere in the world. We have occasional litters through our selective breeding program.  Our pups come with a health guarantee, receive initial vaccinations, several de-wormings; every puppy is examined head to toe by a licensed veterinarian prior to going to their new homes at age 8 weeks.  
Here is how you can get a pet-quality puppy from us:
Some of our customers have asked why we have champion show dogs in our breeding program as they want only pet quality and do not plan to show their pups. We proudly explain we imported our English Cream champion and foundation dogs to bring the quality breeders from Europe spend their lives perfecting through good genetics and bloodlines.
In Europe, show dogs are held to a higher standard–only top of the line dogs competing against each other are eligible to earn and win champion titles. Show breeders compete with the best of the best breeding stock, spend countless hours training, grooming, traveling, and competing against the best, in order to win in the show ring. The result of all their hard work, is top of the line offspring. That is how we acquire incredibly beautiful, strong, amazing lines for breeding, resulting in gorgeous pups with beautiful looks, thick gorgeous coats, intelligence and calm temperament.
We choose our breeding stock from lines with great health histories. Our current American Goldens come from a breeder who proudly states their breeding stock has had no cancers in their lines.  In addition, we have learned from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine,  their studies have shown a dramatic decrease in cancers due to delaying spaying and neutering puppies until 18-24 months of age. This is in part, to do with growth hormones and allowing females to have heat cycles before spaying. UC Davis is available on-line.
Regarding vaccinations for your dog:  UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine highly recommends only using  “Core” vaccines because these are the vaccines considered vital to all pets based on risk of exposure, severity of disease or its capability to transmit the disease to humans. We proudly pass this information on to our customers in the puppies we sell.
Below is our video of our amazing Xanthos, our beautiful, English Cream import from France. Xanthos loves performing this fun routine. (The dance is called Canine Freestyle, made popular by Carolyn Scott and her Golden Retriever”Rookie”).  Our boy being very smart, and of course food motivated, made it was easy for me to train him to perform this video with me. He easily learned this routine, prompting  me to dance with him almost every day.  If you love being active with your dog, and want to go beyond basic training, check out our video. Watch how happy Xanthos is while performing our routine.  However, we promise your Golden will be just as happy being with you on your daily walk or doing whatever it is you enjoy with him.
 Nancy B and Caliopy Ranch Xanthos doing Canine Freestyle to music.

We are located in the beautiful Ojai Valley of Ventura County


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