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Raising Beautiful  English Creams and American Goldens
A Caliopy Ranch English Cream, “Teddy”, above,  just turned three.
Thank you Melissa for sharing his photo.
Example of our Goldens: Beauty, Intelligence and Golden Temperament
“Zoe”,above, from our Jan 2017 litter. At four months, she knows the sit,
down (as soon as her food is brought out, she lies down and waits for the
ok to eat,) high five left and right, roll over, is perfectly fine with our fingers
in her ears or mouth, stay, walks on a leash; and comes instantly when called,
to name a few things she does. The entire litter of 9 pups would come to us,
instantly when called at age 4 weeks. Were easy to train. These commands
should be practiced daily to reinforce the training .
  • Pups on this page are adopted. Email us if you wish to be on our 2018
  • waiting list. Our next litter will feature our Champion “Danya”and “Ginger”.
  • Photos of these gorgeous dogs can be found here on our web site.
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Our award winning photo above featured in Revival Animal Health Calendar 2013.
If you are wanting a dog as beautiful as shown above, you have come to the right place.

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